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About Us

At OurPharmacy, helping to build a better workplace is our business. 

It is the first experience of its kind to be offered in Ireland.

OurPharmacy originates from a successful independent pharmacy which opened its doors in March 2014.
It continues to serve the communities of City West & Tallaght.
We have now developed a wellness initiative which addresses the issue of poor time availability and typical constraints during the busy working week.  
More often employees in the workplace put their health and wellbeing second when it comes to daily priorities.
We therefore provide a solution which promotes a more proactive approach to health and wellbeing.

This includes the use of digital touchpoints for your people on the move.
It also enables your people to care for themselves and their families by access to medicines & everyday healthcare products at the right price, when they need it.  
From our experience the breadth of knowledge and healthcare that can be provided from your pharmacist is typically untapped. 
So therefore, we have added the unrivalled experience of personal service and expertise from your own workplace on-demand pharmacist.  

This can also include our pharmacists participating in employee wellness engagement days onsite. 
These events can very effectively fill the gap not already provided by your health insurers.  
We offer a multi-tier approach to enable employers support their workforce in the elements above, tailored to their content and timing needs.
OurPharmacy Mission is to blend the convenience of our digital service and our value commitment
with a personal approach that earns the trust of our customer.

We uphold the OurPharmacy Values of personal care, dedicated service, expert advice and approachability from our team
to provide you and your family with an exceptional standard of a community pharmacy experience at the workplace.

While it is our mission to earn long term trust,
it is a given that each customer can be assured of a pharmacist-patient relationship that embraces our industry code of confidentiality, ethics and integrity