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How do employees sign-up?
Once your company has an OurPharmacy Corporate Membership, we will provide on the ground information to facilitate and inform you of your workplace going live.
At any time you can avail of a free sign up by proceeding to ‘Create an Account’.

If you want us to talk to your employer about a corporate membership for your workplace please let us know at

What is the cost to the employee?
There is no cost to the employee. The employee will benefit from having a service on their doorstep and more importantly benefiting from all the savings.

What information do I need to create an account?
Your contact and Bank A/c details

Why do I need to set up a SEPA Direct Debit?
The SEPA direct debit is a simple and secure one-step payment process suited to the unique nature of prescription transactions. As in all pharmacies nationwide, these transactions are only priced at the time of dispensing.
You will always receive a detailed price breakdown on your copy of the drugs payment receipt with your delivery. You will only be debited after you have received delivery. For your extra protection, the security element of SEPA debit dictates that you will receive an email notifying the debit amount due to be actioned, at least 3 working days in advance of debit date.

You can also request a price quote for a prescription before proceeding with an order by using our comments section at checkout.  All other everyday healthcare items are purchased by normal online debit / credit card methods (no records stored by us).

When will my order be delivered?
We will dispatch and deliver all products next business day to your workplace. This is based on all orders received up to 4pm, Monday – Thursday.
Any orders placed on Friday & Saturday (up to 3pm Sat) will be delivered on Monday. For your convenience, an SMS message informing you of parcel ready at assigned collection point.

How do I have my order delivered to my home address?
If you have a specific request for a delivery to your home address (instead of your workplace), please instruct us using comments section at checkout. We will charge a €4.95 flat fee for this delivery. We recommend that you include any specific delivery instructions that will assist a successful personal delivery.

Can I re-order a previously submitted prescription?
Yes, any valid prescription that has been already supplied to us can be re-ordered.  You can access previous orders in your dashboard. By selecting and downloading the required prescription, once you are happy you then select re-order and proceed to checkout.

Can I pre-order for a specific delivery date?
Yes, you can instruct us at checkout to specify any forward delivery date.

How do I contact the pharmacist?
Our Pharmacist can be contacted at 01-4511453, or at

Can I request a call-back from the pharmacist?
Yes, you can request a call from the pharmacist by using the comments section at checkout, or email    To aid your convenience, suggest a particular time that would suit your availability to talk (9am-6pm).

What happens if I move location with the same employer?
If for whatever reason your company or you decide to move location, the same service will be provided. It is important however that you keep your workplace / delivery address updated on your dashboard to ensure delivery to the correct location.

What happens if I move location to a new employer?
If you change employer, you can check if that company has a corporate membership with OurPharmacy.  If not, we will be happy to talk with your new employer with a view to providing you with continuity of service.  Feel free to send us any contact details of whom we should speak to in this regard. Any new location / employer can then be updated by you on your dashboard.

How can my family use this service?
There are many ways within which your family can use this service.  You can order prescription and everyday healthcare product on their behalf, including any promotional items; these will be delivered free to your workplace.
You or your family members may also avail of our pharmacist advice via phone or email.  
In addition, you can pre-order prescriptions or any items on OurPharmacy site with delivery on a pre-planned date for the convenience of your family.

Is this service only for medicines and prescriptions?
No, you and your family members will be able to take advantage of the competitive prices within the dispensary and all our everyday healthcare product, typically stocked in a retail pharmacy.

Why do you need me to supply the original prescription copy to OurPharmacy?
PSI (the pharmacy regulator in Ireland), require all original filled prescriptions be inspected and recorded as such. OurPharmacy will return your completed original if you request.

What is a Med1 form and how do we claim this?
Irish taxpayers are eligible to claim tax relief on payments made towards Health Care in any one calendar year.  This includes payments made for prescription medicines.  To claim this tax relief, you must complete a Med 1 form (available from your local tax office, or from Our Pharmacy by request) at the end of the tax year.  We will provide you with a print-out of your total spend on prescriptions within any date range. You then complete the form and submit it to your local tax office.